Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gift Ideas for the Foodie in Your Life

A few people have asked me recently what gift they should get the foodie in their life. I think I have become an expert on this because I cook and bake all the time and, thanks mostly to my roommate, my kitchen is pretty much stocked. Therefore, I know what is fun and practical to have in the kitchen. So here are a few ideas for gifts that will be worth the money (no matter your price point) because they will be appreciated AND USED by any foodie you know.

High Price Point:
Keurig Coffee Maker
(Yes they are expensive, but people buy them for a reason. Fast, no filters, no coffee grounds everywhere, and it's versatile. Coffee, tea, coco all in one machine.)

Shun Knives
(If someone on your list has asked for "chef quality" or just "good knives" this is the way to go. Shun, the Japanese knives endorsed by Alton Brown and Guy Fierri, are what I use and they are the real deal.)

A LeCreuset "French Oven"
(My Dad calls these "the Cadillac of pots" so again if someone wants "chef quality" or "good pots" and you want to REALLY impress them, LeCreuset is where it's at.)

Moderate Price Point:
Calphalon Nonstick Grill Pan
(My fav item in the kitchen year round. Don't forget the tongs!)

Collapsible Colander and Mixing Cups
(For your foodie tight on space. Get the colander here and get the mixing cups here or in the Williams Sonoma Store. When I lived in NYC and had little to no drawer and cabinet space, these things saved my life!)

A Personalized Apron
(A guy on facebook asked if giving a woman an apron is sexist. Well a guy gave me an apron w/ my name on it and he scored extra points with me. So my answer to his question was NOPE! As long as it's special.)

Collection of Exotic Spices
(Go to your fav specialty foods store and buy bottles of good quality: cumin, chili powder, paprika, Herbs de Provence, and saffron. Put them all in a pretty gift bag. FYI I put this in the moderate price point because at approx. $10 each, this can get pricy but a great gift nonetheless)

Low Price Point:
Bottle of Good Quality Extra Virgin or Infused Olive Oil
(A true cook can never have enough. Get it from a specialty foods store and put it in a christmas wine bag)

A Microplane Grater
(A must for any kitchen. Good for new foodies b/c old foodies probably already have one)

Gift Card to Williams Sonoma, Trader Joes or Whole Foods
($10-$25 denominations will be appreciated TRUST ME)

Bottle of Wine
(For Red I recommend: Beaujolais Nouveau, the quintessential Christmas Wine. For White I Recommend: Relax Riesling, the most widely available, best tasting, twist off white wine your $10 can buy)

Dry Ingredients for Cookies
(Stay tuned for my next blog post where I will show you how I layer all the dry ingredients for cookies in jars and give them as gifts. All the receiver has to do is add the wet ingredients in a bowl, mix and bake. It's a cheap gift that everyone loves!)

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