Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[RECIPE] Shrimp Fried (Brown) Rice

One of my favorite go-to, weeknight recipes is on Ebony.com!  I make fried rice all the time, but one night I had leftover brown rice and decided to give it a whirl.  It came out equally as delicious and I felt less guilty eating it because I knew that the brown rice bumped up the fiber, in addition to the peas and carrots that were already in it.  And I chose shrimp for this recipe because it cooks quickly, easily making this a 20-25 minute meal, but if you prefer chicken or beef in your fried rice DO IT!  Or leave out the protein all together and serve this as a side dish.  The possibilities are endless!

And usually I include a picture tutorial on my blog but I'm sad to report that my last cell phone was destroyed; leaving me with hardly any food pictures from the last few months.  But I can confidently say that this recipe is full proof.  Alot of times, I'll post a recipe and be nervous that I screwed up the measurements, or left something out.  But not this one! It's so simple and easy, I know you will love it!  The link is below. Enjoy!